This year at SAMIBC2021 we are pleased to announce another of our presenters, Sevilay Onal from the University of Illinois Springfield. Dr. Onal will be presenting, Advanced Picking Heuristics for Online Order Fulfillment Warehouses.

Presentation Abstract: Fulfillment Warehouses (F-Warehouses) are facilities where online customer orders are converted into delivery packages. F-Warehouse differences are (i) a very large number of small storage bins, (iii) explosive storage policy which disperses inventory of each item to multiple bins, and (iii) commingled bin storage. The explosive storage picking problem is introduced. A picklist is generated from the current inventory dispersion and current pick now order list to minimize the picklist bin range. The problem is first formulated as a MIP and then three fast solutions, SpaceX MIP, H1, and H2 are presented. The H1 and H2 seed heuristics use weighted bin order fillability, as a surrogate for the probability a seed bin will generate short picklists.

Join us online to see this great paper and many more March 18 – 20, 2021. For registration information visit