This year at SAMIBC2021 we are pleased to announce another of our presenters, John Black from Aragon National Inc. Dr. Black will be presenting, An Exploration of Sensemaking, Decision-making, and Management in Policing; The Value of Management Research(ers) in Law Enforcement.

Presentation Abstract: One of the core components of law enforcement is decision-making. Whether the decision is tactical and time-constrained or strategic and interacting with the community, the decision is that transition between understanding and action. A decision is ultimately both an outcome and a contributor to its system. It evolves from the understanding that precedes it. Its outcomes and consequences then ripple out, providing the next round of input to the system or model (Capra & Luisi, 2014; Checkland, 1999). Decision Science, Management theory, and related research have much to offer to law enforcement and possibly police reform.

Research focusing on sensemaking/decision-making is continually evolving (Klein, Moon, & Hoffman, 2006a, 2006b). Management research in many areas (organizational theory, decision-making, collaborative actors, and decision science) can add significant value in understanding the future of law enforcement. For example, a systems approach is an alternative way to frame decision-making and complex problems/systems found in the citizenry and community that law enforcement serves. Methods and models exist that could foster empathy, the inclusion of diverse perspectives, and a focus on exploration and understanding first. Management, its knowledge, and research can provide needed concepts, methods, and approaches to problems faced today and future policing.

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