The SAM Advanced Management Journal is pleased to announce the publication of the article Psychological Empowerment and Employee Outcomes in Mexico: The Role of Individual Power Distance Orientation and Perceived Organizational Support by T. T. Selvarajan, Barjinder Singh, and Ritu Tripathi in Volume 84 Edition 4.

Article Abstract:

Psychological empowerment has been extensively researched in the European and North American contexts; however, the topic has received scant attention in the Latin American context, such as Mexico. Using a field-based survey of matched pairs of employees and their managers in a manufacturing plant (N=156), we test a model of psychological empowerment and employee outcomes in the Mexico. We propose that perceived organizational support is positively related to psychological empowerment, which in turn, is positively related to employee outcomes, such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behaviors, and in-role behaviors. Further, we examine individual-level power distance as a moderator of these relationships, such that the positive effects of empowerment on individual outcomes are more favorable for employees with low power distance orientation. Moderated-mediated regression analyses with bootstrapping procedures, provide support for most of the hypotheses and offer implications for theory and practice in a global context.

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