This year at SAMIBC2020 we are pleased to announce another of our presenters, Heidi Batiste from Nevada State College. Heidi will be presenting, I’m Not Worthy: How Interpersonal Experiences Influence Perceived Value and Worth of Part- and Full-time Faculty and Are college business programs preparing students to manage diversity and inclusion in the 2020 workplace?

Presentation 1 Abstract: While past research has revealed that part-time faculty are largely unsupported and excluded within their organizations, little is known about the effects of negative or lacking interactions with their coworkers. This study investigated the link from interpersonal experiences to sense of belonging, perceived organizational worth, and cynicism of full- and part-time faculty. Significant correlations were observed between all the study variables, and a regression analysis revealed that teamwork is a consistent predictor of higher sense of belonging, perceived organizational worth, and lower cynicism among full- and part-time faculty. Negative coworker relationships were also a significant predictor of lower sense of belonging and perceived organizational worth. Researchers and practitioners alike will benefit from the results of this study as it provides empirical evidence of the effects of disregarding employees from the organizational culture. The results of this study suggest there is a need for fostering teamwork and positive relationships among full- and part-time faculty to help them feel like they belong and their work is valued.

Presentation 2 Abstract: In 2020, business leaders are expected to create diverse work environments that foster inclusivity by attracting, engaging and retaining employees of diverse age, race, gender, nationality, religion, viewpoints and other important distinctions. Which models are employers utilizing to create their diverse workplace, and are these models being presented to college business students?
With the expectation for representation on the rise, there is an opportunity to explore the extent to which business students are obtaining diversity and inclusion management competencies across the business curricula. The goal of this paper is to provide a model for adapting diversity and inclusion studies in college business programs in order to prepare students to embrace the range of differences represented in today’s work environment, and align their knowledge base with employer expectations.

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