This year at SAMIBC2020 we are pleased to announce another of our presenters, Moncef Belhadjali from Norfolk State University. Moncef will be presenting, Temporal Patterns of Students’ Behavior in Online Courses: Some Observations through Association-Rule Mining.

Presentation Abstract: Students exhibit a variety of behaviors while engaged in online course activities. The aim of this study is to explore students’ interactions within learning management systems (LMS). Specifically, focus on the frequency (how often) rather than the amount of interactions. Temporal data during assessment periods were used to uncover patterns of association among activities’ timing with respect to the assessment deadline. Incentives were provided to the students to alter their behavior. Two sets of data were collected, before and after incentives. The association rule-mining approach through the software RapidMiner was used. The results showed that the incentives positively impacted students’ behavior by reducing their reliance on the deadline to complete assessments. When gender and final course performance were added as student attributes, the results revealed that the incentives were more likely to positively impact females than males, and high achievers than others.

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