This year at SAMIBC2020 we are pleased to announce another of our presenters, Wanda Curlee from American Public University Systems. Wanda will be presenting his paper Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), Supply Chain and Project Management.

Presentation Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change how all of us learn, teach, and manage social and business tasks in the future. Although there are some that feel that AI will begin to start replacing people, however, most experts believe that AI is going to become an amazing tool for the future. Work in AI is already impacting the way we plan, the way we buy and the way we sell. As retailers track their sales, the back end will be controlling replenishment of goods. There is no doubt that as technology is becoming more integrated on so many different levels that AI is already impacting organizational supply chains and project management. Supply Chains are already using historical information to plan future procurements and AI will have an even greater impact. With regards to projects, they have become complex multi-national endeavors that would benefit from artificial intelligence. AI digital assistants are already helping to handle the scheduling of meetings, following up with project team members. Taking it a step further, utilizing historical project data, AI can be used to synthesize historical project data to offer recommendations, suggestions and other ideas to a project manager. In addition, given the flexibility of AI, one can expect the next generation of AI to start helping tracking tasks, tracking sprints and combining all this information to map out data points of a project. Technology is not quite at the level of having a personal Project Management Jarvis to help, but AI technology is certainly going to change how project management gets done. The same will happen in supply chain as AI assistant will be able to review the available knowledge and offer recommendations and suggestions as well as to identify potential risk.

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